June 11, 2024

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Top / Full Banner Index page Right-hand logo460 x 6025,000.00
Top / Full Banner Index pageMiddle  Side460×6025,000.00  
Top ½ Banner Index page Right hand logo 230×6015,000.00
½ Banner Index pageMiddle side230×6012,000.00
Sky-ScraperRight-hand side150×40033,260.00
Square Banner ButtomRight-hand side300×30025,500.00
Square Banner BottomRight-hand side300×25021,355.00
Left-hand sideRight hand side460×6035,400.00
Square Banner BottomRight-hand side of Logo (5% Surcharge)460×6020,000.00
1/2Banner ButtomHome page230×6010,500.00
½ BannerAll page230×6029,290.00
Full Banner BottomHome page125×12520,000.00
Square Bottom BannerAll page125×12527,500.00
Square Bottom BannerHome page120×9018,500.00
Square Bottom BannerHome page120×6015,000.00

N.B    All the rate attracts 7.5% VAT

Cheques/Drafts should be issued in the name of  Vifort Concept Nig. Ltd

And the Advert material comes in PICTURE FORMAT.

Sponsored stories: #70000.00 per story.

The company is open to negotiation in all the rates.

Thank you.