June 9, 2024

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Royals react to King Charles’s cancer crisis, Prince Harry returns to UK

King Charles III, oldest man to become king in British history

CHARLES III will continue to receive his red boxes, the daily exchange of paperwork at the heart of his role.
The British monarch has spent a night at home after beginning treatment for cancer.
A statement from Buckingham Palace on the matter does not specify the type of cancer afflicting the King.
However, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tells the BBC, on Tuesday, it is “caught early”.
King Charles, the oldest man to become king in British history, is expected to pause public appearances but, as BBC political editor Chris Mason explains, he will continue to perform constitutional duties such as weekly meetings with the prime minister.
The King’s consort, Queen Camilla, and heir Prince William, will be expected to take on a larger share of public duties, while also dealing with private concerns about their loved ones.
Prince William’s wife, Catherine, has recently undergone abdominal surgery, requiring months of recovery away from the limelight.
Royal rights abdicator Prince Harry’s expected arrival from the U.S. to be by his father’s side already seems to be a step in that direction.