June 11, 2024

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Edo 2024: PDP guber screening progresses flawlessly as aspirants sell manifestos

NATIONAL headquarters of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Wadata Plaza, Abuja, witnessed a momentous event, yesterday, as Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu, the Deputy Governor of Edo State, actively participated in the pivotal screening of party aspirants.
This significant event marked a crucial step towards determining the party’s candidates for the upcoming elections.
PDP national working committee (NWC) panel reports say the screening is progressing smoothly.
Other distinguished aspirants participating at the screening besides Shaibu are Ogbeide Ihama, Asue Ighodalo, Anslem Ojezua, Felix Akhabue, Hadiza Umoru and Osaro Onaiwu.
The screening committee, chaired by Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the governor of Plateau State, “is diligently carring out a thorough and meticulous exercise,” the panel says.
The committee’s goal, it says, is not only to ensure the eligibility of aspirants but also to maintain the integrity and values of the PDP.
Gov. Mutfwang, speaking on behalf of the screening committee, has emphasised the importance of a peaceful and co-operative process.
He urges all aspirants to conduct themselves with decorum and prioritise the interests of the party above personal ambitions.
“This screening process is not just about individuals; it’s about the collective success of the PDP in the forthcoming election,” he says.
As the party primaries approach, the screened aspirants are called upon to stand firm, maintain focus, and put the party’s objectives ahead of personal interests.
The screening committee’s advice resonates as a reminder that unity and cohesion within the party are paramount for success in the electoral battle that lies ahead.
In a response, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu, deputy governor of Edo State and a leading aspirant, has affirmed his commitment to promoting the core values of the PDP.
He assures both the screening committee and the PDP-NWC that, if given the opportunity, he would tirelessly work to secure victory for the party in the up-coming election.
“My journey into politics is rooted in a desire to serve and bring practical governance to the people of Edo State,” Shaibu says.
He further emphasizes his dedication to the ideals of the PDP, pledging to uphold the party’s principles and work towards its success in the forthcoming electoral contest.
As the PDP moves forward in the selection process, the party and its aspirants stand at a critical juncture.
The commitment demonstrated by Shaibu and other aspirants, coupled with the diligence of the screening committee, set a promising tone for the party’s future.
The PDP’s collective focus on unity, integrity, and service to the people remain the cornerstone as it prepares for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Deputy Gov. Shaibu, Asue Ighodalo, Osaro Onaiwu, Blessing Igbinedion and others are facing the PDP screening committee to determine those qualified for the February 22, 2024 primary election for governorship election.
Others expected to take part in the screening are Anselm Usiose Ojezua, Omoregie Ihama, Umoru Hadizat, Felix Akhabue, and Martin Uhomoibhi.
Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s “anointed” Asue Ighodalo seems to be the most prominent among contestants who might not scale through on account of longevity of party membership.