June 25, 2024

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ASTUA Lagos mourns with Ohafia Kingdom as Udumaeze Ohafia joins ancestry

ABIA State Town Unions Association (ASTUA) Lagos is in mourning. So says President-General Prince Ejituru Ikenga.
In a statement, on the demise of the Udumaeze Ohafia, Prince Ejituru, and Dr. Chijioke Iheonunekwu, JP, ASTUA Lagos secretary-general, say the entire Abia State community in Lagos mourns.
Their statement is about the lamentable demise of the paramount traditional ruler of Ohafia Ancient Kingdom Udumeze Ohafia Prof. Emmanuel Ume Lekwa Imaga.
Ejituru Ikenga, coincidentally scion of the Olumba Eze-Akuma tentacle of the Ohafia ruling triumvirate, urges Abia people to bow to the will of the Almighty and bear the burden with the requisite equanimity.
He says that Abia State people in Lagos, conscious of their cherished heritage, are in sympathy with the royal family, Umu-Elekwa, Elu Ohafia,
Council of Ohafia Monarchs (Onoko Ndi Ezieogo Ohafia), on the passage of the Udumeze Ohafia, Ebiri of Elu, chairman and clan head of Ohafia Ancient Kingdom, a distinguished scholar and academic, and an Ohafia man of distinction, Ezie Ohamoha Prof. Emmanuel Ume Lekwa Imaga, joined the ancestors recently.
“On behalf of Nde Abia in Lagos, we pledge our grief with Nde Ohafia, and Abia State Government in this time of grief,” Prince Ejituru Ikenga (P-G) and Dr. Chijioke Iheonunekwu (Sec.-Gen.) say in the ASTUA Lagos statement.