June 25, 2024

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Edo 2024: PDP names 7-member screening panel, Ighodalo ‘confesses’ ignorance of Edo politics, Ayonote peps up Shaibu campaign

SCREENING of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) aspirants for the September, 2024 governorship election in Edo State opens on Monday, January 29, 2024.
Meanwhile, one of the aspirants said to be sitting Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s protege, Asue Ighodalo, has confessed he knows “little to nothing about Edo politics.”
In the emerging imbroglio, a Deputy Gov. Philip Shaibu (also an aspirant) allie Williams Ayonote is pepping up his electioneering for Shaibu.
Meanwhile, PDP national working committee (NWC) has empaneled a seven-member team to screen the aspirants.
Committee is headed by Plateau State Gov. Caleb Mutfwang and screening starts by 09.00 a.m. Monday, January 29, 2024 all according to party national organizing secretary Umar M. Bature.
Bature wrote to the panelists, “The NWC has approved your nomination to serve on the ‘Screening Committee’ for the purpose of screening all the gubernatorial aspirants for the up-coming governorship primary ection in Edo State.
The screening is scheduled as follows: Date, Monday, January 29, 2024; Venue, NWC Hall, Wadata Plaza, National Secretariat, Abuja, FCT; Time, 9:00a.m. prompt.
“Composition, Barr. Caleb Mutfwang (Plateau State governor), chairman; HE Erelu Olusola Obada, member; Hon. Aminu Shagari, member; Otunba Afolabi Alimi, member; Hon. Hassan Saleh, member; Sen. Ighoyota Amori, member; and Hon. Felix Omemu (SS zonal secretary), member/secretary.
“Mrs. Maimuna Johnson is administrative secretary (08074160317) of the committee. Congratulations!”
But, funny: one of the aspirants to be screened, Barr. Asue Ighodalo has said on national television that he does not know or understand Edo State and it’s politics.
In a live interview on Arise TV Wednesday, Asue Ighodalo says, “I have been pushed by several persons to run for governor, one key person is the late Chief Ijeawere who recently passed on.
“I told them, I asked them, what am I doing in that space? I don’t know the space, Edo State.”

He had been asked:”How do you intend to govern a state you don’t know, people you don’t understand?”
After that television “drama”, Philip Shaibu campaigner Williams Ayonote took to his X account handle with, “The visionary leader shaping the future of Edo State.”
Ayonote notes that, in the heartbeat of our nation, where diverse cultures merge, and aspirations thrive, emerges a call to leadership that embodies a proven track record, unwavering integrity, competence, and experience.
It is a call answered by Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu, the original HOMEBOY, poised to lead our dear state towards a future defined by progress, prosperity, and unity.
Vision for a thriving state
Embracing the role of the heartbeat in various sectors, Philip Shaibu envisions our state as a dynamic hub of progress, touching every aspect of our lives.
Leadership in action
With a history of effective leadership, Shaibu has consistently demonstrated his dedication to public service, showcasing competence and a deep understanding of the needs of our people.
A cultural renaissance
Recognizing the richness of our cultural heritage, the campaign focuses on positioning our state as a heartbeat in tourism and culture, attracting global attention to our diverse traditions.
Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders
As the heartbeat in education, the vision extends to upgrading educational systems, fostering innovation, and empowering the youth with the skills necessary for a rapidly evolving world.
Sustainable growth in agriculture
A commitment to being the heartbeat in the agricultural sector, ensuring food security, empowering farmers, and driving rural development to create a robust and sustainable economy.
Technological advancement
Pledging to be the heartbeat in technological advancement, the campaign aims to position our state as a pioneering force in embracing and implementing cutting-edge solutions.
Economic dev., business opportunities
Being the heartbeat in economic development, Rt. Hon. Shaibu’s leadership seeks to attract investments, create a conducive business environment, and foster sustainable economic growth.
Safe communities, environment
Prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability, the campaign promises to be the heartbeat in creating a secure environment and addressing ecological challenges for harmonious coexistence with nature.
Unifying traditional, religious values
Acknowledging the importance of our diverse cultural and religious tapestry, the campaign focuses on being the heartbeat in strengthening traditional and religious institutions, fostering unity and understanding.
Security and business opportunities
Combatting security challenges and making our state safe for business opportunities, the campaign aims to create an environment that attracts investments and fosters sustainable economic activities.
As we rally behind Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu, our original HOMEBOY, let us collectively embrace a vision of progress, unity, and prosperity.
Together, we can empower our state towards a future where every heartbeat resonates with hope and success.