June 10, 2024

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Opinion – Edo 2024: ‘Repositioning through good governance is achievable, sustainable’

Chris Oboh, powered by Young Elites, analyses Edo State Deputy Governor Comrade Philip Shaibu’s famous saying ahead of the off-cycle governorship election in September, 2024. Oboh urges delegates to the PDP’s primaries and others to jettison parochialism and put “our” collective future above others considerations….

IT is indeed an incontrovertible truth that, “Extraordinary men are ordinary men who do ordinary things in extra-ordinary manner.”
To be extraordinary in attitude and approach to issues may not be rocket science, but it takes passion, courage, and total will power to be extraordinary, and that is exactly where our “100% Homeboy” Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has remained outstanding, both in his public and private life.
There is no gainsaying the glaring fact that the in-coming Governor of God Edo State is going to perform beyond our expectations, if supported, nominated and voted into office. Within his one year in office as governor, the majority of us young elites believe he is going to ensure that Edo State witness remarkable repositioning in all spheres.
Edo State, under his watch, shall enviably attain a level of development that will practically be difficult for many states in Nigeria to match. He is going to perform wonders through the development of infrastructure, human capital and total economic transformation of the ailing state.
It is a known fact that no meaningful economic activity can take place in an atmosphere devoid of security. To this end, Shaibu shall ensure that security equipment and other allied resources, are procured for community policing in partnership with other relevant stakeholders.
Shaibu has been speaking on the need to reposition Edo, among other sundry issues. He has noted that a better Edo is achievable and sustainable, only if the electorates can jettison parochialism and put our future first in the coming elections.
“No Edo man or woman should be seen to be more Edo than another, as we progressively and cohesively continue our journey for a better Edo,” Shaibu says.
Support, nominate and vote Shaibu of the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP), for the actualization of the Edo of our dreams.