June 25, 2024

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Ahead gov’ship primaries for Edo 2024: 2 groups analyse Ighodalo’s chances

MR. Asue Ighodalo, thought to be Edo State Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s preferred successor, has formally declared to run for governor but two distinct interest groups are picking holes in his campaign machine.
One says that using facilities of the state People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the “underwhelming declaration speech” suggests that the “powers that be” are already biased.
Another posits that the aspirant’s speech contains “two sophisticated lies” and raises five issues about Ighodalo’s previous engagement in government.
They note that “no notable politician was at his declaration” and that it was all government paraphernalia and presence mobilized there under heavy threat of losing their jobs if they failed to be present personally.
Read one group’s analysis: “The first major lie is his claim that he has ‘been practically involved in Edo State governance in the last 16 years, playing an advisory role in the economy team’. The lie is too self-evident to need any further elucidation from original Edolites who are witnesses to the bad roads, the insecurity and high cost of school fees.
“Ighodalo even pointed out that there are communities in Edo State without good schools, light and water. That shows how bad the advisory role he claimed to have played in the last 16 years, even when the only road in his village was constructed by the only company Oshiomohle attracted to his village, Ewohimi because of his late wife who is from the area.
“But the second major lie, which concerns his claim that he will prioritize needs of youths, runs against his own record as an adviser to the economic team of Edo State and chairman of multinational corporations he also claimed to have resigned from.
“As special adviser to ‘Edo Economic Team’, Asue Ighodalo advised Gov. Obaseki to select a group of unqualified, ‘transactional individuals’ to oversee Ambrose Ali University affairs. This action alone has hindered the growth of AAU.”
The other agitating group also claims that, “like Obaseki, Ighodalo is transactional. They belong to a class of people who view everything as a business opportunity.”
The group, which lists its grouses in five, claims that, under Ighodalo the juicy contracts in Edo State will still go to Lagos contractors and businessmen.
It claims that, “Ighodalo has no stake in Edo State aside from his bank, which only has two branches in Benin City. He does not own any property or have any business interests in the state, beyond the government house.
“If he becomes governor, he will never be close to the people or experience their struggles. This is why, despite the complaints of the people, Obaseki has remained indifferent and ignored their demands.”