June 25, 2024

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Edolites, say ‘No’ to 3rd-term agenda

By William Ayonote
IN recent time, there’s been clandestine moves across the political landscape of Edo State with an alleged intent to foist a Third Term Agenda on the state.
The alleged move comes with a concomitant inevitable establishment of a neo-godatherism.
This purported plan, intricately intertwined with the supposed zoning arrangement proposed by elements within the capitalist class, has raised apprehensions about the future of governance in the state.
Whatever the case is, I want to use this opportunity to make a clarion call on all Edolites to be resolute and insist on “no gree for anybody” to surreptitiously foist a Third Term Agenda on you.
It’s time to say no, also, to Godfatherism!
The people of Edo are awakening to the potential threat posed by political forces seeking to wield disproportionate influence over the democratic process.
This resistance should not merely be a rejection of an individual but a collective stand against the erosion of the principles of fairness and representation.
At the forefront of this resistance stands Rt. Hon Philip Shaibu – ‘the 100% Homeboy’, a figure who pledges a departure from the shadows of godfather politics.
Shaibu champions the cause of people-centric governance, promising an administration rooted in the aspirations and needs of the populace. His commitment to experience reflects not only a personal dedication but also a belief in the power of seasoned leadership to navigate the complex challenges facing Edo State.
The rallying cry today against godfatherism is not just a call for change; it is a demand for a more inclusive and transparent political system. The citizens of Edo yearn for a leadership that prioritizes merit over patronage, where decisions are made in the best interest of the people rather than at the behest of a select few.
To be sure, purported zoning arrangement being bandied about and orchestrated by capitalists among us, adds another layer of complexity to the political landscape.
Zoning, when executed fairly, can be a mechanism for ensuring equitable distribution of power and resources. However, when manipulated for ulterior motives, it risks becoming a tool in the hands of those who seek to consolidate power at the expense of genuine representation.

As Rt. Hon Philip Shaibu emerges as a beacon of hope for Edo State, the onus is on the citizens to remain vigilant and actively participate in the democratic process. The battle against godfatherism requires more than just political rhetoric; it demands a commitment to fostering a political environment where the will of the people prevails.
In the face of these challenges, Edolites find themselves at a crossroads, where the decisions made today will shape the trajectory of their state for years to come. The call for “100% No to Third Term and Godfatherism” is a declaration of intent—a firm resolve to reclaim the democratic values that should be at the heart of governance.
Rt. Hon Philip Shaibu’s promise of experience and people-centric governance holds the potential to usher in a new era for Edo State.
As the political landscape unfolds, the citizens must remain engaged, informed, and resolute in their pursuit of a democratic system that truly serves the interests of all Edolites.
•Williams Ayonote, writes from Abuja