June 10, 2024

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Supreme Court resets states on path of peace with rulings on gov’ship disputes

THE Supreme Court of Nigeria, perhaps out of consideration for the majority of citizens over its handling of the 2023 presidential election disputes, this Friday set a new record for itself.
It set tempers cool in eight states where trouble was waiting to erupt on account of selfish politicians seeking to take the people for granted.
BBC News, Pidgin captures the scenario in this captivatingly humorous account:
State by state judgement of di Supreme Court on top 2023 governorship election cases.
Di Supreme court don uphold di judgement of di Lagos state Court of Appeal as dem dismiss di appeal of Labour Party candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour against di victory of All Progresssives Congress, APC and dia candidate Govnor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for di 2023 elections.
Di court say Sanwo-Olu deputy na Nigerian by birth and any citizen wey wan renounce im citizenship by birth must dey registered by di Nigerian president.
Court add say di appellant no provide any evidence to dat effect. Di court dismiss di appeal by di Labour Party candidate for lack of merit.
Di Supreme Court also dismiss di appeal of di People’s Democratic Party, PDP candidate for di Lagos govnorship election, Abdulazeez Adediran.
Court describe im appeal as “academic.”
Di court ruling on di appeal of Labour Party and PDP mean say Sanwo-Olu na di authentic govnor of Lagos state and na im win di March 2023 govnorship election.
How Supreme Court decide state by state:
Bauchi: Di Supreme Court confam di election of di governor of Bauchi state, Bala Mohammed.
Di govnorship candidate of di All Progressives Congress for Bauchi state, Sadique Abubakar effort for di two lower courts to remove Govnor Bala Mohammed no work at all.
For di lead judgement on Friday, Justice Ibrahim Saulawa resolve all di six issues against di appellant and hold say di appeal no get merit at all.
Abubakar bin allege say plenti tins bin no go well for di election wey lead to non-compliance wit di electoral act during di poll for di two courts.
But court dismiss im petition for di tribunal and im appeal for di Court of Appeal, Abuja.
Di two courts dismiss di case for lack of merit. Di two courts bin tok say im no prove im allegations beyond reasonable doubt.
Kano: Di Supreme court set aside di lower courts decisions wey sack di Kano state Govnor, Yusuf Abba from office.
Di tribunal bin set aside Govnor Abba Yusuf of di New Nigeria Peoples Party victory afta dem declare 165,663 of im votes invalid.
Di tribunal bin say dem remove di votes from ballot papers we no get stamp or signature.
But di Supreme Sourt order say make dem restore all di ballot papers from wia dem remove di appellant votes.
Zamfara: Di tribunal bin dismiss di petition of di APC govnorship candidate, Bello Matawalle, wey challenge di victory of Dauda Lawal of di Peoples Democratic Party.
For di lead judgment for di Supreme Court, Justice Emmanuel Agim describe di decision of di appeal court as perverse (inapropraite).
Im hold say di respondents no provide substantial evidence to prove dia allegations of over voting plus oda tins.
Agim say “Di court of appeal decision dey perverse. E no get evidential foundation. Di appeal get merit, it succeeds and e dey allowed.
“We hereby set aside di order wey say di election dey inclusive. We uphold di election of di appellant.”
Di appeal court bin declare di election for di state inclusive and order a rerun for three local govment areas wey be Maradun, Birnin-Magaji, and Bukkuyum.
Di court bin also hold say e dey wrong for di Independent National Electoral Commission to adopt results from di IReV to declare di winner for di affected LGA, dem add say “IReV no be part of di collation system but for viewing purposes.”
Ebonyi: Di Supreme Court uphold di election of Ebonyi govnor Francis Nwifuru.
Di PDP and dia candidate, Ifeanyi Odii, challenge di election of Govnor Francis Nwifuru of di All Progressives Congress for Ebonyi state.
For di lead judgement for di Supreme Court, Justice Tijani Abubakar tok say S.177(c) of di constitution no provide for consideration how di political parties arrive on di decision to sponsor a candidate.
Im hold say ones a candidate don satisfy di provisions of S.177 and not disqualified by S.182 of di constitution di candidate become automatically qualified to contest di govnorship election.
Im also hold say di appeal no get merit con dismiss am. Odii bin lose for both di tribunal and di Court of Appeal.
Plateau: Di Supreme Court uphold di election of Plateau State Govnor, Caleb Mutfwang.
Di govnorship election petition tribunal bin uphold Muftwang victory for di March 18, 2023 poll.
Di Court of Appeal bin overturn di judgement of Mutwang from di lower court as dem declare Nentawe Goshwe of di APC winner of di election.
For di judgment wey Justice Emmanuel Agim read on Friday, di Supreme Court hold say di APC and dia candidate no be members of di PDP and dem no fit challenge di primary election of di PDP.
Im also hold say di tribunal and court of appeal no get jurisdiction to entertain di issue.
Agim note say di petition of di APC in di first place na abuse of di court process. E say di Appeal Court dey wrong as dem sack di govnor.
“Di petition by di APC and dia candidates na abuse of di court process. I wonder why di mata come to court at all. Dis appeal no dey allowed.
“My worry be say plenti pipo don suffer as a result of dis,” Justice John Okoro tok as im concur wit di lead judgment.
Di Appeal Court bin rule say di failure of di PDP to comply wit di order of di Plateau State High Court for Jos wey direct dem to conduct valid ward, local govments, and state congresses before dem nominate dia candidates for di various elective posts na a breach of di law.
Di court, for di same reason, sack many lawmakers wey dem elect on di PDP platform for di state.
Abia: Meanwhile di Supreme Court dismiss di appeal wey di Peoples Democratic Party and dia govnorship candidate, Okey Ahiwe file and affirm di election of Alex Otti as di Govnor of Abia State.
Di court dismiss di appeals wey Peoples Democratic Party and dia govnorship candidate, Okey Ahiwe, and Ikechi Emenike of di APC.
But for di PDP appeal, di Supreme Court dismiss di appeal for lack of merit.
Di court hold say party membership and di issue of sponsorship of candidates na internal affairs of di party.
Di court also hold say dem no see any fault for di judgments wey di lower courts bin give.
Di Supreme Court bin reserve judgement on Wednesday, for di appeals by di PDP and di APC against di election of Otti.
Otti of di Labour Party get 175,466 votes to beat im closest rival, Okey Ahiwe of di PDP, wey score 88,529 votes.
Ahiwe, and im APC counterpart, Ikechi Emenike, bin separately challenge di victory for di Abia State Govnorship Election Petition Tribunal for Umuahia.
Ahiwe and Emenike, for di petitions, say oga Otti no qualify to run for di election sake of say im bin no be member of di Labour Party dat time.
Dem also claim say Mr. Otti no win majority of lawful votes cast and say mago-mago bin dey for di election.
Cross River: Di Supreme Court affirm di election of Governor Bassey Otu of di All Progressive Congress.
Di Peoples Democratic Party and dia candidate, Sandy Onor bin challenge di victory of Gov. Out but di apex court dismiss di appeal.
Supreme court describe di appeal as a waste of judicial time and resources.
Afta di March 2023 elections, election petition tribunal bin open for candidates and parties wey bin no gree with di results of di election.
Di tribunals give judgement and di parties wey no like di judgement appeal di mata for di Court of Appeal.
From di Court of Appeal dem carry di mata go Supreme Court.
Di Supreme Court na di last place for any court case so anything di panel of judges tok today na final.