June 7, 2024

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Edo is not for sale: Cows and rice only for Christmas

By Chief Williams AYONOTE
IN the heart of Edo State, a message resonates through the air: “Edo is not for sale.” Yet, amidst the festive air of Christmas, a peculiar strategy unfolds. It becomes apparent that the powers that be seek to etch their names into memory during this season of joy.
Beware, for the gifts bestowed upon you this Christmas may carry ulterior motives. These aren’t tokens of affection but rather a calculated move to sway the electorates towards a loyalty forged in the crucible of defeat. The capitalist class and their political godfathers are orchestrating a subtle dance to mold the political landscape in their favor as the party primaries draw near.
As the specter of the third term agenda looms, the party leaders emerge from the shadows, suddenly remembered. This isn’t an altruistic awakening; rather, it’s a direct attempt to manipulate the minds of those they have openly disparaged and diminished. They presume to purchase political conscience, offering premature cows and rice as gifts in exchange.
To the people of Edo and the steadfast faithful of the PDP, the call is clear: “SHINE Your Eyes.” Resist the allure of manipulative gestures veiled as Christmas decencies. Let not the festive spirit blind you to the calculated ploys of those who seek to influence your political stance.
Stand firm, reject the enticements, and guard the sanctity of your political beliefs. Edo is not a commodity for sale, and the spirit of Christmas should not be exploited for the pursuit of political agendas.
The Dilemma: Choosing between gifting cows for Christmas and ensuring good roads, we prioritize ROAD REPAIRS for better drivability; cows are not our priority.