June 25, 2024

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‘#100%Homeboy’ fever grips Edo ahead 2024

WELL, is the coinage #”100%Homeboy” Mrs. Sabina Chikere’s personal creation? CentralNews could not claim scoop of this.
But, the woman has happily owned up to her conviction: She writes on her personal account,
“For a while now, my slogan “100% Homeboy” has been making the rounds.
“On seeing how popular and accepted it has made me, some people have been sniffing around that name too.
“Beyond the trend, there is a reason why I chose to bear the ‘100% per cent Homeboy’ badge.
“The sobriquet combines some of my core beliefs and social philosophies. Now, journey with me as I share the thought with you, one word at a time.
“The number “1” in 100% stands for One Edo, One Mandate.
“For me, none of us is bigger than Edo State. Regardless of our personal and political affiliations, our love for the betterment of Edo State as a whole must ALWAYS come first on everyone’s agenda.
“”As a bonafide citizen of Edo State, this is one of my personal philosophies. Every true son and daughter of Edo must always put the interest of all above personal interest or that of some.
“As a good student of history, you’d agree that one of the dirtiest leadership tricks ever invented is the ‘Divide and Rule” system.
“When some selfish minds want to break the “COLLECTIVE WILL” of the people, they find ways to divide the people along religious, economic and ethnic lines … all for the interest of some.
“In building the “Edo of Our dreams,” we must shorn tribal sentiments and embrace UNITY OF PUROSE”.
“The ultimate goal is to come together and build a state that is truly the “HeartBeat of this Nation.”
“”Fundamentally, no tribe is more entitled than the other. More importantly, no citizen of Edo is more important than the other.
“Regardless of how well it is packaged, we must reject ‘tribal sentiment’ for the collective good and growth of all.
“This is another core value of mine; a value that every selfless and true #edolite must project!
“#edo2024 #edolite #100%Homeboy #philipshaibu.”
That is Sabina Chikere’s thesis: make what you wish of it. –Editor.