June 25, 2024

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Edo 2024: Shaibu sets 5-point priority roadmap agenda

PRIORITIES which would drive Edo State deputy governor Comrade Philip Shaibu’s government after the off-season governorship election in the state in the 2024 poll have been grouped into five elaborate “Home Boy” sub-heads.
However, the summary is human capital development, good governance and taking Edo State higher on the scale of economically advanced states in Nigeria.
The deputy governor speaks of his passions as he formally, publicly launches his campaign for governor, against Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s vehemence that Comrade Shaibu cannot run.
Comrade Shaibu is running under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
Priority number one for Comrade Shaibu speaking in Benin-City on Monday in measured, confident cadence, is:
“Infrastructure rejuvenation and economy recovery.” No omnibus jargon or jingoistic diplospeak.
Next for him is Education, Sports, and Skills acquisition – all focused on youth engagement and empowerment.
Shaibu also speaks of affordable, accessible healthcare and social welfare systems.
As for priority number four, he says state policy on agriculture would focus on poverty alleviation, especially encouraging the Edo State citizenry in whichever part of the state they live, to concentrate on agric activities where they have the greatest advantage.
Then, there is Security, sanctity of the Environment, and unwavering commitment to “our Culture, which is sacrosanct.”
Hear him speak to his succinctly selected audience which included PDP leaders of the “Legacy” persuasion and party faithful from far and near across Edo State:
“You did not nickname me ‘Mr. Constituency Projects’ for nothing. As member of the state house of assembly, and later the House of Representatives, I always came to you to say here is how much we were given as constituency allowance.
“That is how the people got involved in deciding what to do with the funds each time, and I was able to deliver 49 constituency projects as state legislator, and 13 in the federal house where I served for only 18 months before becoming deputy governor.”
Shaibu likes only to shorthand his achievements in political office, to dwell on the salient.
Read him again: “I put my life on the line as Deputy Governor when enemies of our state sought to destroy the fabric our unity and cohesion. We prevailed.
“At Ubiaja when kidnappers struck, I was personally in the forefront of the rescue efforts. God gave us total victory.
“Your darling Bendel Insurance Football Club was literally moribund when I became Deputy Governor. The deputy governor’s office was charged to revive it: I hope you are happy that the club has returned to the top of the Nigerian football family.”
Shaibu says he has been insulted, his personality brutalised for the sake of Edo people, but “I have always lived among you, knowing that our founding fathers named our state ‘Heartbeat of the nation’ at inception. We shall together take Edo higher again.”
Meanwhile, the people greeted Shaibu with a chant of “100% Home Boy!” each time he landed on his landmark presentations.
Shortly after his humble but remarkable show of public declaration (the first and only so far in Edo), at the Catholic apostolate center on Airport Road, the party of happily chanting faithful moved in droves down the street to the Comrade Philip Shaibu Campaign Emporium, to formally commission it.
Later, the Honourable Comrade spoke to CentralNews exclusively. Watch out next for his calm, articulate thoughts.