June 11, 2024

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DRAMA: Gov’ship aspirant hires interpreter at campaign ground because he can’t speak local language

OBASEKI’s projected Asue for governor has dispelled all rumours about his disconnect from home.
Asue Ighodalo, Edo State Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s preferred successor needs an interpreter to tell his native Ishan people how he was recruited into the racket.
There is a video trending onh
the www where Ighodalo is philisbustering while a surrogate is struggling to tell the local people what their supposed native son is saying.
Read one angry voice:
“Whoever allowed that pulled stunt of recording him speaking to his people through an interpreter in Ewohimi, Esan, must be a close enemy.
“While the pall of disappointment of electing Obaseki as a foreign boy still rings round us with nothing to show for it after 7 years, the Edo State people after watching this video of Asue talking like a fake preacher speaking in a foreign language in foreign land are more united more than ever not to make the same mistake of electing yet another foreign boy.
“It is no longer news Asue cannot speak his own language; he has reinforced that fact himself and in the open … and to elect him as a governor is a mistake the Edo people in their dreams will never make – from Edo North, which is a no-go area, to Edo South through Edo Central, his distant home, he expects nothing.
“His dream of being elected the governor of Edo State is like vapour that will go up in the air at the appointed time.
“Obaseki seems not to know the Edo State people are too sophisticated for his shenanigans – this place is not a circus or palace court where clowns come to laugh and fool themselves, this is Edo State.”