June 11, 2024

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57-yr-old Rivers man abducts 13-yr-old girl, rapes, slaughters, buries her in shallow grave

OBINNA, 57, (that is all police is willing to reveal for now) is now cooling his heels is security custody, accused of abduction, rape and murder.
The 57-year-old man from Umuolu community in Okehi 1, in Etche local government area of Rivers State is in police net for allegedly abducting, raping and k!ll!ng a 13-year-old girl.
The incident occured on Sunday, November 7, 2023.
Obinna allegedly ambushed the girl, Peace Chima, who was sent on an errand from a neighboring community, Amaku Mba, Etche.
He allegedly took her to an uncomplicated building where he allegedly raped her severally, slit her throat, then dug a shallow grave and buried the body.
The suspect is currently being detained by the police at Okehi division and is said to have confessed to committing the crime.
On how Obinna was caught, a source in the community says “It was after the incident: the late girl’s community sent a message to the neighboring community where their daughter went on an errand, asking them to provide the killer of their daughter, whose body was buried in their community.
“The community summoned everyone and Obinna was absent. He quickly traveled out of the community, and people who noticed his shady moment in the hour he committed the crime pointed fingers at him.
“The Okehi 1 community sent OSPAC, a local vigilante group, and Obinna was apprehended in his hideout and taken to the police.”
Now, everyone is waiting with bated breath to know what happens next. The victim’s remains had been exhumed.