June 11, 2024

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Israel-Hamas conflict: Freed hostage describes ordeal “pure hell”

Yocheved Lifschitz gave a press conference a day after she was released.

HELLO, Yocheved Lifschitz, the 85-year-old hostage who was freed by Hamas yesterday and spoke to the press from a hospital in Tel Aviv, describes “a life like hell” in Hamas captivity.
BBC correspondent Jenny Hill, in Kyiv, describes how Yocheved Lifschitz was kidnapped by Hamas gunmen on motorbikes.
“I have been through hell”, 85-year-old Yocheved Lifschitz said at a press conference a day after she was freed by her Hamas captors.
She says she suffered bruises while being kidnapped from her kibbutz in Israel and hostages slept on mattresses on the floor in the tunnels under Gaza, with a doctor coming to visit every two to three days, but conditions were “clean” and “friendly”.
More than 200 hostages are thought to remain in Gaza as Western leaders are pressing Israel to shift priorities towards their release.
It should be the “first objective” in the war, French President Emmanuel Macron says. He has been in Tel Aviv.
There is also domestic pressure, notably from the hostages’ families, complicating the Israeli calculus regarding a comprehensive ground invasion into Gaza, according to BBC international editor Jeremy Bowen.
In Gaza, it has been “the worst day so far,” an Irish-Palestinian man stranded in the enclave told the BBC as of Tuesday, as airstrikes are continuing in the southern area, where the Israeli government told people to go for their own safety.
Latest: Israel Defense Forces say they hit 400 targets in the Gaza Strip over past 24 hours as the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says 5,000 people have been killed since October 7, 2023 when Hamas unilaterally attacked Israel, killing no less than 1,400 people.