June 11, 2024

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Otti on Southeast security, schemes to expand business opportunities, quality healthcare in Abia

ROUTINELY, Abia State’s Gov. Alex Chioma Otti took to his platform X handle this morning to surmarise his weekend engagements.
He wrote about the just-ended Southeast Economy and Security Summit, reconstruction of Umuahia gateways, and engagements with development partners.
Read him: “Yesterday [Friday] marked the end of the 2-day Southeast Summit on Economy and Security, “Owerri 2023” organised by the South-East Governors’ Forum in conjunction with the Ọhaneze Ndị Igbo.
“I thank the organizers and the participants for bringing our people together to discuss the security and economic prosperity of our region.
“Our vision is to build a secure, prosperous, and economically robust Southeast. To achieve this, we must tell ourselves the truth and resist the temptation of letting political considerations minimize the frankness and sincerity that should be central to our recovery and restoration.
“Our fathers achieved so much for this region with vision, commitment, sacrifices, and partnerships. They left behind many developed cities, towns, institutions, and structures across Igboland and beyond.
“Recriminations, no more”
“As leaders, we have not matched their achievements in the last forty years, but we have the opportunity to change that narrative.
“This is no time for recriminations but to affirm that building our region into a secure space is our collective obligation.
“No foreigner would do it for us. Whatever we propose must take cognisance of who we are as a people and how we want to interact with the larger world.
“As a way forward, we must invest in the creative minds of our teeming youth population, education, health, infrastructure and technology.
“Seeking dialogue and partnership with other regions and the federal government cannot be overstated as we look forward to making the region an investment haven for the rest of the world.”
Thereafter, Gov. Otti also reflected on the on-going remodeling and expansion of Ossah Road, leading from Abia Tower of Unity on Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway into Umuahia capital city.
He says, “We are pleased to announce the flag-off of the expansion, construction of the 3.5km, 6-lane dual carriage Ossah Road in Umuahia.
Compensations paid
“This road will run from Okpara Square to Abia Tower off Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway, and will ease the traffic congestion during mass return, yuletide homecoming, and improve the aesthetics of our city.
“Prior to this initiative, we have been able to negotiate and pay compensation to the 130 affected property owners, thanks to the help of professional valuers.
“If any of the affected owners have not received their compensation, it may be due to bureaucratic issues as the money has been made available already.
“We also engaged Craneburg, a reputable international construction company, to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the project.
“This is just the first phase, as we plan to continue the road to the Onuimo boundary of Abia State (with Imo State) as part of our larger plan to improve the road network and reduce traffic in Umuahia.
“As we kick-start this milestone, we call on all to support our vision for a better Abia. God bless you all,” Otti twits.
He concludes his weekend summary with thoughts on provision of quality public healthcare in the state:
‘I am delighted to announce the re-opening of Amachara General Hospital and the renovated and retrofitted Abia State Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic Centre.
Quality healthcare
“These facilities have been up-graded and will be driven by round-the-clock power and water supply services.
“We are determined to combat the threat of modern diseases by providing quality healthcare for our people.
“Our target is to restore all our primary and secondary health institutions in the state to optimal functionality.
“We want to ensure that no resident of Abia will need to travel out of the state for medical concerns. Expect to see more of these improved facilities in the state in the coming months.
“My promise to Ndị Abia, which is at the heart of the Labour Party agenda, is that we shall spend our waking hours working for you, using the instruments of government to solve problems.”