June 11, 2024

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Nigerian Gen. Grema honoured with Guinea Bissau’s national award

PRESIDENT of the Republic of Guinea Bissau Umaro Sissoco Embaló has decorated former Force Commander of ECOWAS Stabilization Support Mission to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (ESSMGB), Nigeria’s Brig.-Gen. Al-hassan Muhammad Grema with the “National Order of Merit, Co-operation and Development Medal” at the Presidential Palace in Bissau.
Gen. Grema was pioneer force commander of the ESSMGB which was deployed to Guinea Bissau in April 2022, a deployment necessitated following the failed coup in that country on February 1, 2022 during which the president and his cabinet were attacked at the Palacio do Governo while holding a meeting.
ESSMGB under Gen. Grema’s 17-month charge stabilized Guinea Bissau and ensured peace and stability thereafter.
According to many sources, presence of the ESSMGB ensured an atmosphere of peace and security in the fragile West African country as evidenced by the huge increases in economic activities and return of many INGOs and global organizations.
Several countries including the U.S. are also working on re-opening their diplomatic missions and offices in Bissau.
At the award ceremony which was well attended by the Guinea Bissau military and political top hierarchy, President Embalo poured encomiums on on Gen. Grema and wished him well.