June 25, 2024

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Harvest of coups d’etat: Burkina Fasso junta foils counter-coup, regains control

BURKINA Fasso’s ruling military junta says it has thwarted an attempted coup this week, the latest sign of instability in the West African nation battling an Islamist insurgency under a fragile transitional government.
A group of military officers and their allies who planned to attack state institutions and “throw our country into chaos” were arrested, says a government statement.
The late Wednesday release says others, who had not yet been captured, were “actively being pursued,” Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo, the government’s spokesman says.
The possibility of a counter-coup has haunted Burkina’s transitional leader Ibrahim Traore (pictured above).
The colonel seized power a year ago, overthrowing interim President Henri Paul Sandaogo Damiba — himself a soldier who mounted a coup in January 2022.
Traore appointed new heads of the security services, including at the National Intelligence Agency earlier this month, following the arrest of several army officers accused of “plotting against the state.”
The government “reassures that all light will be shed on this attempted coup,” Ouedraogo insists in the statement.
Military leaders have taken power in five African countries, most recently in Niger and Gabon, in the past two years.