June 9, 2024

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Enugu Gov Mba inspects collapsed expressway bridge, tasks FG on road maintenance model

PETER Mbah, governor of Enugu State, has called for a new road maintenance model to guarantee better conditions and longevity of Nigerian roads. He says the current model has failed woefully.
Dr. Mbah made the call when he visited the site of the collapsed bridge between the New Artisan flyover (bridge) and the NNPC Mega Station, along the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, which collapsed yesterday.
Fielding questions from newsmen after his first-hand inspection of the disaster scene, Mbah who thanked God that no life was lost despite the magnitude of the incident, urged the Federal Government to consider concession of all federal roads in each state to the state governments for proper maintenance, in conjunction with the private sector.
“I think the question should be whether the current model of federal road maintenance is working or not:
“Today, we are here witnessing a tragedy that has just occurred. We are fortunate enough that no life was lost, but this could have been prevented entirely.
“So, the people can no longer ply this route because of this tragedy. This shows clearly that we do not have a sound federal road maintenance model.
“The bridge collapse didn’t just happen; these threats could have been identified if we had routine or regular maintenance.
“Perhaps the way to go is to find a way to concession these roads to the states. The states need to take charge of the roads within their domains and there has to be a conversation around the funding models.
The bridge collapsed on Monday, leaving commuters stranded.
Meanwhile, Enugu State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Engr. Gerald Otiji, has advised motorists and other road users to use Nza Street through New Haven or ply Ogui Road and Abakaliki Road to their destinations while the authorities come up with measures for immediate repair on the failed section of the bridge.