June 11, 2024

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Documents burnt in Supreme Court fire won’t affect presidential election tribunal case, says SCN media chief

THE dawn “mystery” fire which wracked a section of the Supreme Court of Nigeria complex in Abuja would have no bearing on the 2023 presidential election petitions matter.
That is the assurance given by the apex bank’s spokesman Dr. Festus Akande, although the institution has not really come clean on the cause of the conflagration.
Initial reports had indicated that three Justices’ offices were razed, Akande now says only one chamber in the complex was destroyed.
Nevertheless, he says, whatever might have been lost therein in terms of documents or records are recoverable through the SCN’s e-Library system.
He might have been alluding to concerns expressed by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whose appeal against the ruling of the presidential election petitions tribunal (PEPT), is pending at the Supreme Court.
CentralNews may humour a little with the way the BBC’s pidgin-English service reported the matter:
Building of di Supreme Court for Nigeria catch fire on Monday morning. E neva too clear wetin bin cause di fire but eyewitnesses say dem hear loud noise from di building bifor di fire start — fire fighters later quench di heavy fire bifor e spread.
Di Supreme Court Director of Press say na “normal electrical problem” cause di fire wey happun. Dr. Festus Akande, Director of Press and Information also confam say some documents burn.
E say di fire affect di chamber of one of di Supreme court Justices – but e no gree tok [give name] about di judge wey dey affected.
“Wetin happun na normal, may be electrical problem wey cause di fire outbreak,” im tok. E say dia staff bin quench di fire wit di fire extinguishers wey dem get for dia office dem.
E say even though some documents bin burn, dem get softcopy of all di documents for dia e-library.
Oga Akande also deny tori wey dey spread up and down say di fire don burn di Presidential Election Petition Tribunal documents.
“Di fire no get anytin to di Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. Dem no dey discuss mata wey relate to PEPT for chamber plus dem no dey keep books, documents or anything wey gatz do wit di presidential election petition tribunal for chamber,” e tok.