June 25, 2024

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Edo activist says Dep Gov’s apology to Obaseki ‘needless’

EDO State-based social crusader and president of One Love Foundation Dr. Patrick Eholor says the apology by Deputy Gov. Philip Shaibu to Gov. Godwin Obaseki was totally uncalled for, and that Shaibu should have resigned following the humiliation he had been made to bear.
Eholor claims the deputy governor’s apology was akin to “shedding of crocodile tears.” He further charges that Shaibu had supported illegality, citing the non-inauguration of the APC lawmakers as example.
“Comrade Philip Shaibu has reduced his office to nothingness. The humiliation he suffered whether he deserves it or not depends on who is interpreting it.
“He might deserve the humiliation but his office does not deserve it. When you have a friend who does wrong things and you’re mute on it means you’re giving consent to it. Obaseki has done so many wrong things that Comrade Shaibu gave consent to.
“For example, 14 members of the Edo State House of Assembly who were duly elected by their constituencies were not inaugurated. Comrade Shaibu was the one who mobilised to deny them inauguration. Yet, he claimed that some of them are his friends. If they were his friends he should have protested,” self-styled crusader charged.