June 25, 2024

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HuRiWA urges Edo assembly to impeach Gov. Obaseki: ‘He has an unsound mind’

“We think that the Edo State house of assembly, if it exists, should investigate if the [recent] decisions of the governor against his deputy fall within the jurisdiction of decisions made in an atmosphere of an ‘unsound mind’,” is how HuRiWA reacts to the on-going political drama in that state.
Human Rights Writers’ Association (HuRiWA) says it needs Edo State legislators to determine that the quality of such decisions can be so classified to have possibly originated from “directives emanating from an unsound mind” in which case they should impeach the governor.
With these stringent words, civil rights asdvocacy group HuRiWA Nigeria axed the video trending on the Internet in which a distraught Comrade Philip Shaibu, Deputy Governor of Edo State, is seen and heard making frantic calls when he met the gate to his Government House offices in Benin City firmly chain-locked on the orders of Gov. Godwin Obaseki.
HuRiWA Nigeria calls the decision to prevent Shaibu from gaining access to his office an “irritating pettiness” by Gov. Obaseki in his actions towards his deputy and describes it as “unnecessary executive antagonism.”
In a statement, HuRiWA Nigeria national co-ordinator Emmanuel Onwubiko urges the Edo State House of Assembly to launch a probe into the issues that have plagued the relationship between Obaseki and his deputy governor.
“We have read series of stories in the media regarding the unacceptable level of pettiness that has become the governance modus operandi of His Excellency Godwin Obaseki particularly with regards to his absolute disrespect for the office of the Deputy Governor of Edo State occupied by virtue of a joint ticket by His Excellency Comrade Philip Shaibu.
“The two actions that speak to this act of treachery is that of expulsion of the Deputy Governor out of the premises of the Government House in Benin City to a street flooded by muddied and dirty latrine water.
“And secondly, the refusal of the security officers attached to Government House to grant access to the Deputy Governor and thus presenting the high office of the deputy governor as that of an unwanted irritant when in fact there can’t be the office of state governor without that of deputy governor,” HuRiWA states.