June 10, 2024

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All-out national economic lock-down imminent as Labour charges govt with playing pranks

Organized Labour has finally said an indefinite national total economic lock-down looms.
After Monday’s “fruitless” meeting with labour minister Simon Lalong and team, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) renewed its threat to embark on an indefinite nationwide strike if the Federal Government continues to fail to meet demands the Nigerian masses for a better deal in the face of grossly debilitating economic conditions.
NLC president Joe Ajaero gave these indications as he lamented that the government has so far failed to uphold its end of the bargain or show commitment since the fuel subsidy removal policy was introduced.
Earlier reports of the unsuccessful meeting with Labour on Monday had indicated there hopes that a truce might be arrived at today Tuesday.
That hope appears far-fetched now with Ajero saying the government was taking the people for granted.
Labour is, among other things, demanding a review of the national minimum wage, a workable roadmap to the CNG (condensed natural gas) alternative, fixing the country’s refineries, and other such measures to lighten the burden of economic hardship brought about by the increase in the price of petroleum products.
However, following the deadlock in negotiations between the NLC and the government team led by Lalong on Monday, Ajaero submitted that the workers may have no other option but to proceed on indefinite strike if the government fails to respond to the “modest” demands.
NLC president has, however, said that the situation coulf still be remefief within this week if government shows commitment.
The ultimatum terminates at the end of the week, he says: “We hope that minister [Simon] Lalong will work with us within these next few days to ensure we resolve the problem.”
On further negotiations, Ajaero said NLC is ready to attend if invited by the government.