June 6, 2024

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Edo political logjam worsens as Dep Gov’s offices are sealed off

By Chukwuemeka OKORO
THERE had been glib talks about there being frictions between Edo State governor Godwin Obaseki and his deputy Philip Shaibu. Now, the deputy governor’s statutory government offices are locked.
Nobody in Benin-City felt fright-free on Friday to discuss the matter, but chief security officer of Government House, Benin-City claimed he was ordered to lock up the doors.
Two weeks ago the state government admitted it had authirised “disbandment” of the deputy governor’s media crew. As usual, it was by way of an innocuous memo:
“Edo State Government has disbanded the media crew attached to the Office of the Deputy Governor, with a directive to the Deputy Governor to henceforth request the Ministry of Communication and Orientation for media coverage of activities of his office.”
But, note that shortly after, the state government also said it was moving the deputy governor’s offices outside the Government House prescinct.
By the statutes, you could not “eject” the deputy governor from his constitutionally-assigned official workplace. So, in Edo State, the deputy governor’s supporting staff were ordered to move to a property away from their directing chief.
Meaning: the deputy governor is being removed from his aides — appointees of the governor, actually. Now, the “master-stroke!”
CentralNews has learnt on keen authority that security at Government House, Benin-City was ordered to shut off the little metal gate connecting His Excellency’s main office section from the deputy governor’s area.
On Friday, September 15, 2023, the deputy governor’s offices were firmly padlocked. The man could not go into his offices: remember, his assigned office accoutrements had been ordered to relocate a week earlier.
CentralNews went to confirm true facts of the matter only to find out that Comrade Philip Shaibu, Deputy Governor of Edo State could not gain access to his statustory offices in Government House Benin-City, on Friday.
The accountant-politician-activist would not broach the matter with CentralNews, in any guise. But, we established that leading Edo politicians have been “striving hardest” to see peace reign.
The deputy governor’s remnant media craft barely hid disdain at the suggestion of discussing the matter. Two of them insisted the deputy governor wished to say nothing on the matter.
Today, Monday September 18, 2023, it would be left to be observed how the total consumation of political activities at Government House Benin-City would pan out.