June 9, 2024

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Edo 2024: Philip Shaibu in good standing to consolidate gains of Gov. Obaseki’s tenure

By Jerome ERAMHO
Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu is easily a household name in Edo State who needs little or no introduction in the Edo political space. A well known democrat, well groomed grassroots politician and a leader par excellence who has continued to contribute his quota in the socioeconomic and political development of Edo State having served as a state and federal legislator and by God’s grace today Edo State Deputy Governor.

His governance experience in both the legislature and executive arms coupled with his deep respect for the rule of law; his unbeatable, unstoppable, rising popularity and acceptance he enjoys across party line in Edo State placed him far above other contenders and pretenders for the Osadebe Avenue come 2024. Many see him as threat to their governorship aspirations and therefore prefer he is not contesting. We are also not surprise when unfounded and spurious allegations against him keep trending on social media. They are meant to stop him but God has been so faithful.

Today, we are proud of Comrade Philip Shaibu’s exemplary leadership, administrative acumen, competence, integrity, sincerity, unfailing abilities, uncommon capacities and his undoubted loyalty to the progressive cause of the Edo people in the past 7 years as Deputy Governor. He is tested and trusted and therefore I have no doubt that coming from a successful, progressive activism background and be a partner and co-visioner of a new Edo State supporting and energizing the vision of his boss & Senior brother, Governor Godwin Obaseki who he has in the past 7 years served loyally enjoying so much latitude to work thereby given rare opportunity to understudy his boss, well groomed, learning the ropes of modern and progressive governance and developmental politics preparing him to do better after Governor Obaseki tenure. Ensuring policy continuity of this administration is one sure route to achieving a Better Edo of our collective dream.

This is where the support of Governor Godwin Obaseki for his Deputy to succeed him becomes so necessary, imperative and crucial at this very point of our political journey to greatness. Having Rt. Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu on the saddle as Gov come 2024, no doubt Edo State will be progressively transformed, better positioned to consolidate the gains, rare feats and unprecedented achievements of the Gov. Godwin Obaseki administration.
Over the years Comrade Philip Shaibu has demonstrated his love and concern for the Edo people, their security, safety, wellbeing and welfare have continued to be his topmost priorities. His fearless leadership and moral capacity to always do the needful has be demonstrated several time especially when he served as Acting Governor of Edo State. The rare feats and unprecedented achievements Edo State has recorded today in sports and youth empowerment are further proofs of his competence, capacity, commitments and undoubted abilities to provide the needed leadership to deliver results if given opportunity to serve Edo people come 2024.

Thanks to our Digital Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki who has provided the opportunity for the Edo people and indeed the whole world to discover Comrade Philip Shaibu’s innate potentials, talents, capacities, abilities and his humble disposition to leadership. No Governor in Nigeria has given his Deputy the latitude to work or operate like Comrade Philip Shaibu enjoys in Edo State. Well done Mr. Governor. To us your ardent supporters and followers, allowing your Deputy to work closely with you and giving such latitude means you were ready to groom, equipped and prepare him to govern Edo better after your complete 2 tenures. This uncommon gesture can further be extended in support of your Deputy to take over from you to ensure 100% policy continuity all for the collective gain of Edo people.
Whether Edo will fare better after the constitutional 8 years of Mr. Governor depends so much on his willing support for a man who has served him loyally and committed to his leadership and guidance. He must reflect on his plans on how he wants his administration legacies to be cherished and sustained. Only Rt. Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu can do this. He must avoid desperate politicians who are hellbent in sowing seeds of discord to abort his good and successive plans for Edo people. No doubt his relationship with his boss in the past 7 years has been very cordial, fruitful, unending and unstoppable and this has really helped in achieving the rare feats in the governance and politics of Edo people today.

Comrade Philip Shaibu has lived his life fighting for the Nigerian masses right from his school days as Students’ Leader ensuring Govt at all levels do not oppress, intimidate or inflict pain and undeserved hardship on the poor Nigerian masses through their obnoxious military decrees and anti-people policies and programmes. Joining politics after successfully fighting along with other pro-democracy leaders to end military interventions in the Nigeria politics was therefore a welcome development.

In the politics of Edo State today, Comrade Philip Shaibu has continued to demonstrate that uncommon resilience, iron resolve and avowed commitment in the governance and leadership of our people working closely, and loyally supporting his boss and senior brother, Governor Obaseki that have culminated in the successful delivery of the MEGA Agenda to Edo people making the administration records unprecedented and uncommon achievements so far.

As Comrade Philip Shaibu continues to consult widely across party lines bringing together statesmen, women of sustance and well-meaning Edo State religious, traditional, political, opinion and community leaders together on the platform of Edo Agenda 2024 not on the trending sectional and tribal interest being promoted by some desperate politicians, it is our hope that at the end, the collective desire and interest of Edo people will be served.

I therefore urge Edo people to continue to give Comrade Philip Shaibu the needed and desired support to sustain current gains of this administration. He deserves our collective support.

Together we will consolidate the gains of the Obaseki administration.

Jerome Eramho , former SSA to Gov. Obaseki, writes from Auchi.