June 25, 2024

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New institute licensed to control infrastructure dev

Infrastructure deficiency in Africa, Nigeria in particular, is the corollary to the pausity of well-groomed developers, one expert has explained.

Dr. Elijah Ogbuokiri, president of the Chartered Institute of Development Studies and Administration of Nigeria (CIDSAN), marshalled his thoughts on the subject at the weekend.

At a news conference after a stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja to announce the formation of an institute that would focus on administration and development.

According to him, the purpose of the meeting is to inform Nigerians and the world that a new institute had been chartered in Nigeria with focus on managing the totality of the nation’s administration and development, Ogbuokiri said the time had come to harness expertise in the sector.

He said the meeting discussed strategic measures to make programmes of the institute viable enough to meet its aims and objectives. “Stakeholders met to discuss how to handle the programmes of the institute such as examination, induction of new members and inauguration of the Council.

“CIDSAN has come to fill critical development gaps. Board members over the years have been restless with Nigeria’s and African’s developmental failures and mis-steps. This led us into thinking out of the box for a way forward,” he said.

A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report quotes the institute president to have aaid that the new professional body was established to check corruption and poor leadership in the sector.

He said that these dailures and mis-steps were traceable to the paucity of professionally-trained and equipped development experts to effectively facilitate the nation’s development journey, because poor management of development had kept the country where it is today.

On qualification for membership of the institute, Ogbuokiri said that, CIDSAN being a multi-disciplinary institute, prospective members must go through a certification programme and must be university graduates or equivalent.

He said that membership would be drawn from development studies, social sciences, business studies, health sciences, engineering or liberal arts.