June 25, 2024

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Sabina Chikere joins Falode at NFF women’s apex team

Mrs. Sabina Chikere has been named unto the membership of the NFF National Women’s Football Committee.
Recognising the commendable efforts of Mrs. Sabina Amiemenoghena Chikere, who triples as Permanent Secretary of the Edo State Sports Commission and also the General Co-ordinator of Edo Queens, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has chosen to include her as a member of the National Women’s football committee.
Mrs. Chikere has over time played a pivotal role in advancing women’s football within the state, earning her this distinguished recognition, according to a report yesterday.
The newly-formed committee, under the leadership of Madam Aisha Falode, is set to further enhance the trajectory of women’s football in Nigeria.
Assisting Madam Falode will be Madam Nkechi Obi. Adding to the collective expertise are committee members Mrs. Margaret Aku and Mr. Harry Awurumbe.
This move by the NFF acknowledges the significant strides made by Mrs. Chikere, who holds dual responsibilities as the Edo State Sports Commission’s Permanent Secretary and the General Manager of Edo Queens.
Her dedication to nurturing and promoting women’s football has truly set her apart, as the committee’s primary objective is to usher in a new era of women’s football development across the nation.
As the committee comes together under Madam Falode’s guidance, and with Mrs. Chikere’s integral inclusion, there is a renewed optimism for the future of women’s football in the country.