June 6, 2024

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Ministerial errors Tinubu must avoid

MANY Nigerians would want to know why the immediate-past crop of ministers that served under former President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration abysmally failed to deliver visible milestones in their various ministries. They need not search much farther afield.

That was despite Buhari’s declaration on Monday, August 19, 2019, at the retreat preceding their inauguration that; ministers will be responsible for the development and implementation of policies, programmes of their assigned portfolios.

He had also tasked them to track their record of achievements, and details of portfolio to handle as ministers; a painful omission and reality that rendered senators clueless in generating relevant strategic questions for the nominees, the 9th NASS acceptance of such a slanted list on the other hand was a fundamental mistake. It is a well known law that ‘‘you cannot give what you don’t have.’’

Information at the public domain shows that before his appointment as Education Minister, Adamu Adamu had neither lectured in any of the tertiary education institution nor worked with any of the university community in the country as a non academic staff. From this standpoint, it became obvious why he exposed the obvious in performance.

Another area of concern is this doctrine of ‘Take A Bow And Go’ for the majority of nominees that were once senators. They extended such priviledge to their collegues-turned-ministerial nominees without considering whether the ex-senators in question were familiar with the magnitude and urgency of our problem as a nation or laced with necessary requisite knowledge that the ministerial positions demand to help the nation come out of its predicament.Senators move motion for suspension of Keyamo’s ministerial screening.